Ochsner Baton Rouge is making breast biopsies more comfortable with the new Brevera Breast Biopsy System.

Under Drs. Quentin Alleva and Anshu Duggal, the hospital is the first in Louisiana to use the system, a news release said.

The vacuum-assisted 3-D tomosynthesis- and ultrasound-guided breast biopsies can save an average of 10 minutes per procedure, the release said. As a result, a patient’s discomfort is decreased.

“The Brevera system performs real-time X-rays of the tissue samples as we take them, and thus the physician immediately knows if the sample contains calcifications and is adequate for diagnosis,” Alleva said. “Older systems required first taking multiple samples, then bringing them to another room to be X-rayed and examined by the radiologist — all while the patient is sitting with their breast in compression, which is a bit uncomfortable.”

The new Brevera procedure should last about 12 minutes, down from the traditional 20 minutes or more, Duggal said.