After months of uncertainty and searching, the Red Stick Radio Control Flying Club now has a safe place to land, thanks to an agreement worked out with BREC.

“We got some help from the city, and BREC offered us space at Farr Park,” said Rick Klusman, vice president of the club.

“It’s pretty much everything we need. The building is gorgeous, and the location is easily accessible, right on River Road,” Klusman said.

Cheryl Michelet, director of communications for BREC, confirmed the agreement in an email, adding that they made the offer when they read about the club’s situation in The Advocate.

The club’s previous location on a field off Burbank Road had been its home for 27 years, but the original owner sold the land several years ago, Klusman said.

While they had been able to use the field since the new owner took over, construction planned for part of the property meant that the field would be out of compliance with strict regulations on where radio-controlled craft can operate legally.

BREC and the Red Stick Club are planning a ribbon-cutting ceremony scheduled for Oct. 24.

It’s not the first time the club has had to relocate, said Raymond David, the youthful 82-year-old RC trainer for the club.

David was a member when the club flew its pint-sized, radio-controlled airplanes on what was once open land where the Mall of Louisiana sits today. And at the Burbank Road site, the club has overcome floods on the field and other setbacks — their club house burned down twice, and they eventually replaced it with a metal container.

With any luck, though, it will be the last move, Klusman said, as they have to spend time and money setting up the shelters, benches and concrete pads to make the sites easy and convenient for members to use.

“It couldn’t have worked out much better,” Klusman said.

For information about training with the Red Stick RC Flying Club, email David at