Christian Life Academy’s 2014 graduating class included nine students who attended the private school for 13 years.

Several of the graduates also spent time volunteering on mission trips around the world.

Attending the school since kindergarten were Julian Oubre, Caitlyn Bender, Jacob Alford, Whitney Robertson, Waid McDaniel, Alix Harris, Essence Cobb, Kayla Jones and Caroline Ball.

Bender was the class valedictorian and Ball was the salutatorian of the 52-member class.

Fifty of the graduates plan to a college or university, one will attend a junior college and one is joining the military, a news release from the school said.

Serving as volunteers on mission trips during high school were Lexi Pinero, who traveled to Honduras; Malory Ratcliff, Haiti; David Ratkin, Ukraine and Belorussia; Kaylin Viccellio, Guatemala; James Wilson, Guatemala and Mexico; Matthew Woolsey, Guatemala; Caitlyn Bender, Utah; Caroline Ball, Tennessee; MacKenzie Dunaway, Texas; Will Eunice, Guatemala, New York and New Orleans; Lauren Fontaine, Louisiana; Grace Guillory, New York; Paige Erno, Mexico; Brechele Gordon, Louisiana and Mississippi; Alix Harris, Guatemala; Malik Harrison, Louisiana; Peyton Kennedy, Mexico, Alabama and Florida; and Waid McDaniel, Guatemala.