Principal for a day: 7th-grader suits up _lowres

Advocate photo by C. J. FUTCH -- Parkview Baptist seventh-grader Mason Schapp settles in for his day as principal.

Mason Schapp, seventh-grader at Parkview Baptist School, took over for middle school Principal Joana Dieterich on March 6.

Schapp said the dullest part of the job was payroll, and his favorite part of the day was helping set up for the sixth-graders’ day of service, in which Parkview sixth-graders played field day games with students visiting campus from Gardere Community Christian School.

Dieterich said Schapp helped with a discipline issue and had to review the budget to explain to teachers why they couldn’t have a raise, he said.

“It’s really hard to read some (substitute) teachers’ handwriting,” he said.