ST. FRANCISVILLE β€” The West Feliciana Parish School Board added $80,000 Thursday to the contract price for preparing a site for the new Bains Elementary School.

Marco Gonzalez, of the construction management firm Volkert Inc., told board members during the special meeting that another 12,000 cubic yards of fill dirt is needed on the site.

Gonzalez said the reasons for the unexpected increase in needed material is unclear, but he said β€œit may be a problem with the (topological) survey.”

Board members discussed the problem in a Building Committee meeting earlier on Thursday, but the discussion in the special meeting was brief.

Gonzalez said the $80,000 addition to the original $720,000 contract is a negotiated price for the material and does not include a markup for the contractor.

The contractor, Stuart and Co., has nearly completed work on preparing the site, he said, and the building contractor should begin mobilizing its equipment soon.

The $80,000 will come from an amount budgeted for contingencies for the work.