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Mayor Billy D’Aquilla, shown here signing a proclamation, said Tuesday it would not be beneficial for the town to extend gas line to The Bluffs.

ST. FRANCISVILLE — The Board of Aldermen agreed Tuesday to surrender part of the town’s natural gas franchise jurisdiction to a parish gas district that wants to serve a new development near The Bluffs on Thompson Creek.

Kevin Beauchamp, of West Feliciana Parish Gas Utility District 1, said the developers of a new subdivision near The Bluffs had approached his board about serving natural gas to their development.

Although the town has the franchise rights in the area and serves much of the parish outside the town, the town never extended gas mains to the area.

“When The Bluffs was built, they didn’t want gas,” Alderperson Rucker Leake said.

Beauchamp said the new development will have 15 large lots.

“We’ve already decided not to do it. It makes sense for y’all to do it,” Leake told Beauchamp.

Mayor Billy D’Aquilla said the town has no gas mains in the area and a study by the town’s engineer found that extending lines to the area “would have cost us a lot of money.”

“It’ll never be beneficial for us to put gas out there,” the mayor said.

Beauchamp said the former owners of The Bluffs golf course and club house had approached the gas district “four or five years ago” about extending service to the area but the plans fell through.

The district has obtained some rights of way to extend service to the new development and is working on the last parcel, Beauchamp said.

The residential area around the golf course was built with all-electric homes.

“We have no interest in The Bluffs right now,” Beauchamp added.

On another matter, the mayor and council held a telephone conference with the head of the local cable television operator to discourage him from moving ahead with plans to relocate a tower and satellite dishes now on hospital property.

Bailey Cable wants to put the equipment on property at the corner of North Commerce Street and old La. 10.

Alderwoman Susie Tully said the board could not act on David Bailey’s request for a permit to construct the facilities because it has no official request and the proposal has not gone before the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The town attorney also said nothing had been offered that would allow the board to act during Tuesday’s meeting.

D’Aquilla told Bailey that he could file official permit and rezoning requests if he wishes.

“But I don’t think this is going to fly. It would be a waste of time and money, and our time,” the mayor said.