ST. FRANCISVILLE — The Board of Aldermen heard proposals from business representatives Oct. 22 regarding the updating of water and gas meters.

Darren Tramel, of Coburn Supply Co., and Will Taylor, of United Systems, were present to describe the benefits of automated meters. Utility companies could save the cost of sending a worker to check meters and the automated meters are more accurate than older meters and have a longer lifespan, according to Tramel.

The two methods to acquire meter readings are “drive by” and “cellular.” Workers could drive by homes and businesses with a transmitter in the vehicle or the readings could be sent directly to utility companies via Verizon’s cellular network. The cellular method is the newest technology of its kind.

Zachary implemented the drive-by method in 2004.

“They had the drive by when the drive by was new,” Alderwoman Laurie Walsh said.

The cost for either method in Baton Rouge is yet to be estimated.

In other business, board members raised concerns with the number of boats docking in ports close to St. Francisville because of backups in Baton Rouge’s docking areas.

Walsh sees a silver lining, however, in the problematic circumstance. More people mean more business, something not typically found in the town with a population under 2,000.

“It’s tricky to have enough (docking) spaces,” Walsh said. “It’s really a double-edged sword.”