LSU Agricultural Center Area Nutrition Agent Layne Langley delivered nutrition programs to the children participating in the West Feliciana Parish Parks and Recreation Department's Summer Camp.

When Langley was asked to lead three programs, she thought about the topics that would help children the most and chose "Rethink Your Drink," "Eating Out" and "Snack Attack."

During the program on drinks, Langley described how empty calories in some drinks often replace healthier beverages like water, milk and juice. Langley had the campers work in teams to arrange beverages from most nutritious to least nutritious. Many campers were surprised at how their favorite beverage stacked up. At the end of the program, the campers had a chance to make fruit smoothies by pedaling the blender bike.

In the second program, Langley encouraged campers to make healthier choices when eating out. She provided tips including reducing portion and quantity sizes, and watching toppings on salads.

To get the campers to think about the calories in fast food and restaurants, Langley gave some of the campers cards with different fast foods. She asked them to arrange the items from least amount of calories to the most calories. The campers had no information on the cards besides the name of the fast food.

After the campers arranged themselves, the campers in the audience were asked for suggestions as to which fast foods they thought should be moved. Afterward, Langley provided the calorie count for the fast foods. She said this activity was an eye-opener for the campers. Campers then assembled picnic pasta salad and sampled it.

In the final program, campers were taught to read nutrition facts on the label when selecting snacks. Langley spoke to the campers about added sugars, sodium and fat in some snacks. The campers divided into teams to participate in the Go Go Go for Go Snacks Activity. They placed snack cards in two categories of snacks: Whoa Snacks and Go Snacks. The kids assisted with preparing Happy Trails trail mix to sample.

For information about nutrition programs in West Feliciana Parish, contact Langley at (225) 635-3614 or at