West Feliciana Hospital received its first 75 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine Dec. 17.

The United States government allocated the first rounds of the vaccine for hospital and healthcare workers. West Feliciana Hospital signed up for the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, which consists of two doses given 21 days apart. Employees are monitored throughout that time for any side effects.

“We are very excited that many of our team members were able to take part in this next step in the fight against COVID-19,” West Feliciana Hospital CEO Lee Chastant said. “We are staying abreast of the most current information and will provide more details as to when the vaccine allocations will be made available for the general public.”

The first person to receive the vaccine at West Feliciana Hospital was Laurie Hancock, a nurse practitioner at the St. Francis Pediatrics Clinic.

No one has experienced any side effects, but they will continue to be monitored, hospital leaders said in a news release.