West Feliciana Parish Schools hosted its annual Veteran's Day Program on Nov. 9 at West Feliciana Middle School.

Middle school students organized and led the program. Students Aniya Hollis and Neal Rachal were the emcees.

Former Superintendent Lloyd Lindsey was honored at the program. Lindsey was a U.S. Marine and Purple Heart recipient.

"To honor Mr. Lindsey and his family at the event was so special. Mr. Lindsey did so much for the school system, served his country heroically, and had the vision for our school system to host an annual Veteran's Day program," Superintendent Hollis Milton said.

The school system also honored Jim Carroll who is the former principal of West Feliciana Middle and is currently the secondary supervisor. Carroll served for 22 years in the Air Force.

"If you have a plane in danger, I would want Jim Carroll as my pilot. He is always calm, focused, and mission oriented. If it is humanly possible to land the plan, Jim Carroll would be the man to do it," Milton said.