When most people think of St. Francisville they think antique shops, antebellum homes, live oaks and history.

But for many, St. Francisville is the center of an eclectic and growing music scene. Every weekend people can enjoy live music at the Magnolia Café, the Francis, and Birdman Coffee and Books.

It is at the Birdman that Lynn Wood and the Arts-for-All organization have nurtured an open and welcoming atmosphere for musicians — both professional and aspiring.

Through the many instructional weekend music workshops, the Songbird Music Schools, songwriting workshops and monthly Sunday ‘Open-Jams,’ St. Francisville has become a go-to destination for players and listeners.

Upcoming music events include the Songbird Reunion Show and Arts for All Fundraiser on Feb. 17 at the Temple Sinai Synagogue in St. Francisville.

Then on March 30, the town of St. Francisville Main Street program, with support from Entergy, Arts-for-All, the Birdman and Magnolia Café, is sponsoring the Tunica Hills Music Festival and Jam — a festival featuring three stages and over 30 bands and songwriters.

The festival is free, and everyone is invited to bring an instrument and join in the many jams that organically spring up throughout Parker Park.

Throughout the day, professional bands will be spread through the park ready to jam and make music with anybody who wants to join in. The festival will have food vendors and free music instructional classes for first-timers.

An adult group of songbird Jam Camp alumni are meeting regularly at the Birdman on Sunday afternoons to practice for its stage set — and more importantly — commiserate, jam and just pass a good time.