The Magnolia Cafe, a legendary eatery and Friday night music venue in St. Francisville reopened Monday after a five month closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Robin Marshall, founder and owner of the 'The Mag' — as locals call it — said it was a tough decision to close but …"we didn't feel carryout was enough to stay open."

The time wasn't wasted, though, and the crew went to work on renovations. Marshall and general manager Mary Daniel kept the staff busy knocking down walls, rearranging the layout, painting, cleaning and reinventing the place.

As Nancy Roppolo, local singer/musician and member of the Mag's house band the Delta Drifters said "The Mag has been in a constant state of evolution since 1981 and it ain't going nowhere."

A fire destroyed the original building in 2003 prompting a move across the parking lot to its present home. Multiple additions, modifications and renovations have added to the mystique but in the end, it's still 'The Mag' and it's back in business.