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Jasper Knighten

The course of life is centered on growth and death. Every faction on Earth is either growing or dying. The words we speak either produce growth or cement death in our lives. Whether we have realized it or not, since we were born into this wonderful world of opportunity, we have been growing while simultaneously dying. Growth and death are inevitable. They are fixtures in each of our lives. However, gravitating toward growth is the optimum choice to make.

Death, no matter its form, whether in relationships, the demise of a business, or loss of life is always a tough pill to swallow. Death is bitter. It has a way of making life and growth seem almost unattainable.

Many great and talented people have succumbed to the luring temptation of death’s path. Death always appears from the outside to be the safest and most convenient path to take in life. People throughout life have chosen death by giving up on life, never grabbing hold of unrealized potential, refusing to fight for a meaningful life, and accepting the life they see as permanent. Death should never be taken as a permanent place of residence. Life, growth and maturation are what each human should aim to attain.

Life is unfulfilled and meaningless without growth. Growth is the catalyst to being the very best person you were created to be. Growth is not some grand undertaking, but rather a daily process. Growth is simply a synonym for greatness. In order to grow and be great, one must develop a growth mindset.

The foundation for growth lies in our thought process. Every single activity of our day must be rooted in a desire to grow. We must use the prior day’s activities as the building blocks for the present day’s activities. Our benchmarks for growth should not be predicated on the next individual’s achievements, but should be based on our own assessments and goals. So often in life, we fail to grow because we are too fixated on our neighbors’ achievements. We must come to realize each of us has a race to run and everyone’s process in growing will look extremely different.

In order to truly grow, we must embrace our individuality. It is vitally important to learn what strengths we possess and how we may best utilize them to be of value to society.

Make growing your No. 1 priority in life. Do not settle for where you are. Your current state was never meant to be your permanent residence. The valley is only meant for the dead, but the mountaintop is reserved for eagles. You are an eagle. You were created to soar to heights far beyond what the human eye can see and achieve milestones far above your wildest dreams. From this day forward, grow. Eat, sleep, and think growth. Your life will never be the same.

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