One St. Helena: You Are Not Entitled _lowres

Jasper Knighten

Entitlement is perhaps the most dangerous and misleading thought process known to mankind.

Entitlement says, “I deserve this.” Entitlement naively leads one to believe he or she is owed something. If history is checked thoroughly, it would be clear entitlement has been the reason for many people’s decline in life.

Feeling entitled is a selfish mindset.

Our society has been predicated around taking what is yours. Unfortunately, when this way of thinking came into being, some took it literally.

Despite the fact life may seem like it is going haywire, we must remain focused and positive. We must not allow the bitter seeds of entitlement to cloud our view and judgment. We must remain steadfast and diligent in our commitment to attaining our goals.

The product of entitlement is discouragement. Entitlement says everything you desire in life is yours, when, in fact, some aspects of life we desire are not in our best interest. As a result of having an entitlement mentality, when the ball of life does not land in our court, we become discouraged and are tempted to throw in the towel.

The key aspect of life people have forgotten is humility. Humility is the cure for entitlement.

Humility understands life will not always pan out as we hoped. As a result, humility gracefully pushes forward in life. If a person truly desires to be effective in life, they must learn humility. The benefits of being humble outweigh the negative consequences of having an entitlement mindset.

The quickest way to fail is to be built up in pride and arrogance.

Quite frankly, all of us have been guilty of feeling entitled. So, let me be abundantly clear, we are not entitled to anything in life.

Next time you feel the urge to give in to the deceiving, arrogant nature of feeling entitled, use restraint and remember to be humble. You can do this. It is only a mindset. Let’s make this world a better place. It all starts with you and me.

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