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Jasper Knighten

How big is your imagination? Have you given up on the dreams of your childhood? Are you motivated by the thrill and excitement of attaining that lifelong goal? Each of us is inspired by some art or form in life.

There is that one part of life that provides the fuel to our fire. We get revved up whenever we think about it. Or do we? As children, each of us was motivated and inspired to go after our dreams. We felt as if there was nothing we could not attain. The world was at our command. Our dreams and goals were only a few years from being within our grasp. However, life set in. We settled into a routine and begin to be trolled around by life.

Disappointment has been a resident of Earth since the beginning of time. Every single human being who has walked the face of this Earth has been a victim of disappointment. Disappointment is a part of life. At some point, circumstances and events will introduce us to disappointment. The fact that we are introduced to disappointment does not mean we have to accept the alluring temptations of disappointment. The one fact we must never forget in order to be successful is to remember that life always provides a choice. Each day we receive a golden opportunity to experience the greatness and beauty of life, and we must harness it with every fiber of our being. We must choose to live above self-pity and denial. We must choose to live above mediocrity and the status quo. Life is meant to be directed and experienced to the fullest extent. It is not meant to be viewed as some dead-end experience that brings nothing but bad luck.

Whether we realize it or not, we create the world we live in with our thoughts and words. The thoughts you think and words you use provide the foundation for every single action and event in your life. Your words and thoughts hold power. Start to think and speak nothing but the best for your life. It is never too late to go after that lifelong dream. The odds are never too great to achieve that great feat. Anything is possible and you have the talent, guts and favor to accomplish whatever your heart desires. There is no time like the present. The beautiful gift of life is waiting to be unwrapped. We must stop wasting this great opportunity and begin to aim for the impossible places. We must begin to carve out the paths of greatness. Do not give up on the image you desperately craved as a child. Life is waiting to give you all you desire. Just keep believing and seeking until your thoughts and dreams become a reality.

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