One St. Helena: You Are Not Entitled _lowres

Jasper Knighten

Are you there? Have you been actively participating in your life? Or have you been passive in dealing with the affairs of life?

Each of us has been guilty at some time or another of not participating in our lives. Due to experience and hurts, we have often chosen to hope for tomorrow instead of enjoying the blessings of today. We live with the hopes of a better tomorrow while failing to see the wonderful opportunity of today. Does this sound familiar? If so, it is time to change course in your life.

It is time to turn autopilot off. It is time to take control of your life and begin to see the beauty in your present reality.

When we were created, we were created to have dominion. Instead, many of us have allowed the pitfalls and valleys of life to take our joy while giving life permission to keep its foot on our head.

Stop being afraid of enduring pain. Pain is nothing more than weakness leaving the body. If you do not learn to live in the now, you will wake up one day and realize you squandered the most precious gift of all: time. Yes, each of us has areas of our lives we wish were better. But the fact that our lives do not totally add up to the way we envisioned them being, does not warrant a lack of participation in our lives. Trust me, someone would kill to have your life. Learn to appreciate who you are and where you are in life. Know that you are important. Reject the urge to compare your life to someone else’s. Each of us has a specific script to follow in life that is uniquely tailored to us. The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you are destined to become.

Time is your most valuable commodity in life. Use it wisely. Reminiscing about yesterday and daydreaming about tomorrow does absolutely nothing. Reminiscing and daydreaming halts your progress in life. Neither one of these acts actively contributes in helping you have the life you desire.

We must learn to live in the present. Yesterday is history, and tomorrow is just a dream for now. I encourage you, no matter how far down you may be, to get up and fight. Life is not stronger than you. You have what it takes. Get back in the pilot’s chair, and make life happen on your terms. Rest assured, life will be calling soon. Will you be there to answer?

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