Echo’s From the Past _lowres


Happy Birthday to Ercia Brown, of Loranger, Sept. 22; Jennifer Bigner Durbin, of Amite, Sept. 24; Sally Collier Curry, of Greensburg, Sept. 25; Yvonne Davis Hartner, of Clinton, Sept. 26; and, Gary Rushing, of Amite, Sept. 27.


Anniversary blessings to Mr. and Mrs. W.S. “Dub” Manchester, of Montpelier, Sept. 24.


Happy 50th anniversary to the Foster Grandparent Program in September. The Quad Area sent 12 foster grandparents to the national conference in Washington, D.C.


Willie Ray Watson sure looks very young in the “Echo’s from the Past” photo of Aug. 11, 1955. Well, he was young then.


We are made in God’s image, as God says in Isaiah 40:12.

He singled out each person on this planet as supremely important.

God has created everything for us to enjoy (1 Timothy 6:17).

Despite the world’s vastness, God specifically cares about each of us. Psalm 139 says God knows what we are going to say and what we are thinking.

We can’t escape God’s presence, and he planned our earthly existence before we were born.

The God who created the universe is the very same God who loves you. And “Amen” to that!

Fran Snoddy writes Butterfly Wings for The Advocate Extra. Contact her at (225) 777-4363.