One St. Helena: You Are Not Entitled _lowres

Jasper Knighten

Success is defined as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors. I thought it would be rather timely to share my thoughts on success.

We live in a time in society in which the merits of success have been taken out of context. Success in today’s fast-paced, changing climate is acquainted with how much material wealth you appear to have from the outside. The way we measure success today demeans certain groups and classes of people.

Our youth have a distorted view of what being successful means. I must admit, growing up, I viewed success as having a war chest of money and foreign cars. As time passed and I was introduced to wisdom through life’s myriad experiences, I have come to terms with the broader definition of what it truly means to be a successful individual.

Success is simply the building of bridges from one area of low points to an unprecedented level of achievement. The building of those bridges represents the nurturing and care of one individual for those around him and for those he or she may have encountered along the way. In life, we must come to terms with the fact that success is not truly success until you have helped advance the plight and cause of someone else.

Your advancement and fortune is worthless if it has not produced seeds in other individuals. Each of us is a product of the wonderful people we have had the privilege of being nurtured by along the way. Somewhere along our journey, we missed the handwriting on the wall. Somewhere along our journey, we forgot to look beneath the surface. We forgot that success is not what you see, but what you do not see. We forgot that the number of people you help to reach their own goals should measure success.

I also want to stress the fact that everyone’s success will look different. In many instances, we are drawn to the successes of others, and as a result, we end up measuring our lives based on someone else. Each of us has a predestined road to travel in life. We must learn to establish our own metrics for success. We must not measure our success against anyone else.

It is imperative we begin to instill in our children the importance of individuality and uniqueness. They must take pride in their God-given talent or gift. We must remind them on a daily basis that their success will look different from anyone else on the face of this Earth. More importantly, we must never let them forget to be sure to help someone else along the way.

Let’s get moving, St. Helena. We are champions for success. Each of has a story. Our stories should not be overshadowed by the swaths of money we have, but it should be bathed in the number of people we touch along the way. The money will come for each of us if we remain disciplined — but remember, money is not success.

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