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Jasper Knighten

Do you struggle with self-doubt? Do you often struggle internally with having a clear vision of victory in your life? If so, do not feel alone. All of us have periods in life where we are faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, gargantuan tasks and a ton of negative critics.

Each day we are blessed with life, there is a battle to be won or lost. Ultimately, the end result lies solely in the choice we make in our minds before our feet even hit the floor.

Self-doubt, honestly, is quite natural. Every great name in history struggled to climb the mountain of doubt at some point during his journey.

Nonetheless, each time, great individuals from the past cast their mantle of perseverance in front of them, made victory their target and kept pushing until doubt was not a giant in front of them but rather a speckle of nothing under their feet.

Anyone who has ever accomplished any great feat in life will surmise that all things in life are first done in the mind. The battle you are facing in life will be won first in your mind. The reason many of us are defeated by small battles in life is due to the underdevelopment of our mental state.

A person’s success in life depends on how he has developed his mental state through the years. Becoming mentally tough is not an overnight process. Gaining the strength mentally to deal with the battles of life only comes through enduring the battles of life. I firmly believe life can be as easy as we allow it to be or it can be as difficult as we make it.

The best decision any person could ever make in life is the decision to win. I have often heard wise people say that once a person’s mind is made up, half the job is already done. I am willing to go out on a limb and say that once a person’s mind is made up, 70 percent of the job is done. The other 30 percent includes actually going through the motions of actually conquering a task.

Your life’s success is in your hands.

No matter how big or small the task you are facing, just remember, you were made for it. Do not give in to mediocrity and defeat. You are a winner. Winners always rise to the occasion.

Legends are made when victory looks as if it is out of reach. It is crunch time for you and me. Now is the time to make up in our minds that we will win no matter the cost. Let’s take this journey together. We can do it.

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