While rainy weather in April may have kept the Green Thumb Club — Bains Lower Elementary School pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first-graders — from working in their garden, the students didn’t stop learning about nutrition.

Layne Langley, LSU Agricultural Center area nutrition agent, with the help of Play 30 coach Lanya Mayer, taught the youth about food safety and the proper way to wash hands during the Fight BAC (teria) Program.

“The children were fascinated to see the pretend germs on their hands under a special black light and surprised at how easily germs can spread,” Langley said.

Using the SpinZone Game to reinforce the foods that belong to each food group was also a hit with the children as it incorporated a physical activity component which they loved since they couldn’t go outside, Langley said.

During one of the indoor nutrition and gardening programs, Langley and Mayer prepared coleslaw using the cabbage harvested from the students’ garden. “They were so surprised that with a little vinegar, salt and pepper, cabbage could taste great; plus it was a great way for them to see the full plant-harvest-enjoy cycle come to fruition,” said Langley.

Langley teaches nutrition programs to youth and adults in West Feliciana and Livingston parishes.