There’s been a rash of problems with adult diapers clogging up the town’s sewer system. St. Francisville Mayor Billy D’Aquilla is urging residents to think before they flush.

D’Aquilla told the Board of Aldermen at its July 14 meeting that motors of two pumps at town lift stations have burned up because of the adult diapers flushed down the toilet.

“It’s become a real problem, and we need to make people aware that they cannot flush these used products down their toilets,” D’Aquilla said. “They’re too big and get caught up and ruin the motors.”

“This is easily preventable,” D’Aquilla said.

He said the proper way to dispose of the used materials is in their garbage.

The board also received a very positive report from Tourist Commission Executive Director Laurie Walsh, who, along with commission member Julie Brashier, presented the 2015 strategic plan.

The plan, Walsh said, has been adopted by the commission and outlines the group’s goals, including allocations for advertising and marketing the town and West Feliciana Parish.

Walsh said the parish has enjoyed its best year in terms of occupancy tax collections, with an increase of 21 percent over last year.

She said the increase was helped by maintenance projects at Entergy’s River Bend and KPAQ’s plants as well as several film and television productions in the area.

The tourist commission has stepped up its efforts to market the town and parish abroad, which has helped draw more interest from international travelers, Walsh said.