West Feliciana Parish has launched its MyPermitNow software on the parish’s website in an effort to streamline the application and permitting process for contractors and residents.

The software is designed to make the permit applications and inspections experience more efficient.

It provides a more effective way to apply for permits online, submit paperless plans in PDF format, track application progress up to permit issuance, request inspections online and receive real-time email notifications when an inspection is completed.

Copies of permits can be printed as well as completed inspection reports and “stamped” building plans can be reviewed.

West Feliciana Parish Department of Public Works Director Jim Ferguson said he first experienced the MyPermitNow software when he worked for East Baton Rouge Parish and thought it would be a perfect tool for the West Feliciana Parish website.

“It’s an effective mobile work order system that is easy to use,” Ferguson said. “It’s convenient because customers can apply for permits online and keep up with them without having to come to the office.”

Customers can visit www.wfparish.org and download a copy of the MyPermitNow customer portal instruction document and create a free customer portal account if they don’t already have one. Any documents required with an application, such as building plans, must be uploaded in PDF format.

“There’s going to be some learning curves on our end,” Ferguson said. “But they love it in Baton Rouge and it’ll be the same way here. We’ll adjust it to meet our system priorities, but it’s convenient for our needs.”

When requesting inspections online, inspection requests must be made 24 hours in advance to have an inspection performed the next business day.

Parish inspectors will enter inspection results in the field to ensure inspection results will be available via email or through the customer portal in near real-time.

For additional assistance with the MyPermitNow software, call the technical support line at (866) 957-3764, option 1.