Calci. M. Bone, Hardy Heart, the Kidney Brothers, Madame Muscle, Peter Pancreas, Peri Stolic, Sir Rebrum and Windy the Lungs are a few of the OrganWise Guys characters who have visited students recently at the West Feliciana Parish Family Service Center in St. Francisville.

LSU Agricultural Center Nutrition Agent Layne Langley uses the OrganWise Guys curriculum to educate the youth through a nutrition learning series.

Each month, Langley introduces a different character, all of which “live” inside dolls called Little Organ Annie and Little Organ Andy.

“The characters help the children understand healthy living through books, games, dolls and videos, while learning about healthy eating, their bodies inside and out and exercising,” Langley said.

Each visit includes a story about a different character that’s found inside the body and the healthy role it plays. A food tasting is usually included with each lesson, Langley said.

Recently, the children were treated to apple slices during a breakfast lesson and learned the proper way to wash hands and how to make OrganWise choices.

After the “Concentrating on Fruits & Veggies” story, students sampled blackberries, blueberries and red grapes. Upcoming programs include vegetables, dairy and physical activity.

For information about nutrition programs in West Feliciana Parish, call Langley at (225) 635-3614 or email