• Ham and lima beans with rice, grape juice, steamed spinach, cornbread and fig bar.


  • Chicken salad, pickled beets, apple confetti coleslaw, saltine crackers and pineapple crunch bar.


Chicken breast fillet with gravy, Italian-blend vegetables, mashed potatoes, whole-wheat bread, margarine and fresh apple.


Sliced ham and cheese sandwich on whole-wheat bread, lettuce/tomato, mustard/mayonnaise, potato salad and mandarin oranges.


Red beans and sausage link with brown rice, mustard greens, pickled beets, cornbread and fresh fruit.

July 30

  • Hamburger on a bun, lettuce/tomato/onion, mustard/ketchup, baked beans and cardinal citrus mold.
  • Capital Area Council on Aging menu is served in West Feliciana, East Feliciana and St. Helena parishes. It is subject to change. Meals are served with a half-pint of 2 percent milk.