West Feliciana Parish Schools were named the best school district in Louisiana, according to a recent list compiled by StartClass, an educational research engine.

StartClass sifted through data from the U.S. Department of Education and identified the best school district in every state, with each school district evaluated using a Smart Rating system and scored on a scale from 1 to 100.

The ratings were primarily based off student math and reading proficiency on state assessment tests, with a few other institutional factors considered, such as student-teacher ratio and student discipline, according to a news release.

Each state’s selection for “Best School District” was determined by the highest average Smart Rating of all the schools in the district, and districts that have only one school or have charter schools were not included.

StartClass notes that each state defines the term “school district” differently — Hawaii and Washington, D.C., each have just one school district for all schools in the state or territory — while other states have districts that feature a mix of school type, such as elementary, junior and high schools grouped together in the same district.

According to the list, the top school districts in each state, in order from the lowest to highest Smart Rating, included West Feliciana as the top district in Louisiana at No. 38 in the nation.

Top schools were Bains Elementary, West Feliciana Middle and West Feliciana High, earning an average school Smart Rating of 90.

“Our success is built on teamwork, and we have a supportive school board, dedicated administrators, caring staff, involved parents and numerous community partners that come together to help our students achieve,” West Feliciana Superintendent Hollia Milton said. “I am especially thankful for our students who work very hard every day. West Feliciana is a special place.”

For the entire list, visit msn.com/en-us/money/realestate/best-school-districts-in-every-state/ss-AAdQvS1#image=15.