Youngsters sell treats on Ferdinand _lowres

Advocate photo by Howard Arceneaux -- Isabella 'Bella' Deville operates a lemonade strand on Ferdinand Street in St. Francisville.

If you pass 11892 Ferdinand St. some days this summer, usually between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., you’ll see a 7-year-old girl standing waiting patiently behind her lemonade stand.

Her name is Isabella “Bella” Deville, and she along with her brother, Beau, operate Bella’s Lemonade Stand, which is open for business Fridays and Saturdays, when riverboats dock along the riverfront and any other days they feel like it.

The intricately decorated and fancy stand was built mostly by their mother, Amanda, and during the heat of the day, Bella and Beau sell cool, refreshing lemonade along with bottled water and tea cakes, pralines and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

“We make them all ourselves,” said Bella. “We have two kinds every day.”

Bella said they get a steady stream of customers, including many locals.

She and Beau have made about $100 so far, and they plan to split the money they earn. The siblings said they plan to spend their money on toys and candy.