Iberville sheriff

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A young deputy with the Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office was suspended for allegedly pulling a gun on a man during a recent altercation outside a bar in downtown Baton Rouge, Sheriff Brett Stassi said Tuesday.

Stassi, who declined to identify the deputy who was suspended, said he may be terminated pending his office's investigation into the matter.

"Him being so young may be his saving grace," Stassi said. "He just started working for me and he doesn't understand all the ramifications of being a deputy — that he's held to a higher standard."

Stassi said he immediately suspended the deputy, without pay, the morning after he learned of the altercation, which took place Thursday night at a restaurant/bar on Third Street.

The deputy was off-duty at the time of the incident and was serving as the designated driver for his group of friends, Stassi said. He said the gun he brandished during the altercation wasn't the deputy's department-issued firearm. 

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