NEW ROADS  The City Council has filled temporary void in the city's legislative body by appointing a new mayor pro tem. 

The council unanimously chose longtime resident and retired educator Gayle Dixon to sit on the five-member board. 

"I'm so happy to work with you to make this place a little more wonderful than it already is," she told city officials after Tuesday's vote. 

Dixon, 70, will serve as mayor pro tem/council member at large until Dec. 31, 2018, replacing Anthony Daisy, who was appointed last week as interim mayor after the forced resignation of former Mayor Robert Myer.

New Roads City Council taps Anthony Daisy as interim mayor after former mayor resigns

Daisy, who will serve as interim mayor until the city holds regular elections for all its elected positions next year, told Dixon after her appointment: "I definitely feel you'll be an asset to the council." 

Myer, who was in the third year of his second four-year term as mayor, was forced to resign on Oct. 20 as part of a plea deal on charges he faced on misuse of a city-issued credit card and abusing his administrative authority as mayor.

Instead of standing trial for the charges, Myer entered a no contest plea to one count of malfeasance in office in a plea deal with state prosecutors.

New Roads mayor agrees to resign, pleads no contest over misuse of credit cards and gets probation

An investigation by the state's Inspector General's Office uncovered that Myer had used a city-issued credit card for personal transactions, including $1,800 that was not repaid to the city.

The inspector general also found that Cherie Rockforte-Laviolette, the city's former chief financial officer, told state investigators that Myer ordered her and the town's police chief to delete and alter information on credit card statements after the city received a public record's request to review them.

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