Addis Police Chief Ricky Anderson says it could take months to determine what happened to a man found dead in his home last week, and he now agrees with the coroner and district attorney that foul play may have been involved.

Jeffrey Tircuit, 63, was found dead by a friend on Jan. 13, bound and with his head covered. Authorities believe Tircuit could have been deceased as long as seven days by the time he was found.

Anderson had said last week he did not believe there was foul play involved in Tircuit’s death, though the District Attorney’s Office and West Baton Rouge Coroner’s Office both said the case was a homicide as it was unlikely the victim could have put himself in the position in which he was found.

Tircuit had Parkinson’s disease and had issues with mobility before his death, according to Anderson. Anderson said Tuesday that preliminary evidence does suggest homicide — which is defined as the killing of another person — but whether it’s murder stemming from ill intent may be another question.

He clarified that there are multiple charges that fall under homicide statutes in addition to murder, such as negligent homicide or manslaughter, but that it's too early in this case to determine what exactly happened to Tircuit. Further DNA and crime scene analysis is needed.

Though he said he could not give many details on the crime scene and evidence, he did say there was no forced entry into the home. He said investigators believe there may have been some kind of sexual activity involved.

“We’re treating it as if someone was there (when he died) and we’re trying to find out who and what role they played by DNA tests,” Anderson said. He said some his office has already sent some items to the State Police Crime Lab for testing.

“This is going to be a long, drawn-out process to determine if someone was there, and it could take months.”

Addis Police Department has been assisted by State Police, the DA’s office and the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office in the investigation so far, but is still considered the lead agency in the investigation.

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