The West Baton Rouge Parish Council on Thursday appointed Erwinville resident Leon Day to the position of District 6 constable.

Council Chairman Gary Spillman told the panel that Vorise Miller, the previous constable, had moved out of the parish and resigned on May 8. Spillman, who nominated Day, said the council had 30 days to make a new appointment or the matter would fall to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s office.

Before the council voted, Erwinville Councilman Barry Hugghins asked Day if he was willing to apply to the WBR Sheriff’s Office for a deputy’s commission and help supplement law enforcement in the Erwinville area.

Hugghins said there have been complaints of illegal trash burning and speeding in the locale and he hoped that Day could write citations when necessary. Day agreed to seek a law enforcement credential.

Spillman said Day is eligible to run for a full term as constable in November’s general election.

In other business, Parish President Riley “Pee-Wee” Berthelot told the council that the parish would have to wait to create a satellite location for early voting south of the La. 1 Intracoastal Canal Bridge because the Secretary of State’s Office had no money to fund such an office.

Berthelot said the narrow Intracoastal Bridge on La. 1, located near the foot of the eastbound ramp to Interstate 10 and south of the Horace Wilkinson Mississippi River Bridge, has become a traffic bottleneck and residents south of the bridge have found it increasingly difficult to travel to the Port Allen Clerk of Court’s Office for early voting.

Berthelot said the parish has no money to fund such an office either but hopes the Secretary of State’s Office may entertain the idea in next year’s budget.