Just a few days after announcing he is resigning from the office, Police Juror Russell Young indicated Tuesday that he may take another stab at being the District 3 representative on the Pointe Coupee Parish Police Jury during the next election.

Young, who sat on the Police Jury for 21 years, will walk away from his position on Sept. 16. He calls the action an act of protest against New Roads city leaders he has accused of denying him his First Amendment rights to free speech and protest.

“I’m bitter; I will not let anybody take my First Amendment rights,” he said during the Police Jury’s meeting Tuesday night. “Who knows? Maybe I’ll go home, burn some crosses, and then I’ll come back next year and maybe get elected.”

Young’s indignation with New Roads leaders stems from the City Council’s March 5, 2013, decision to deny the juror a permit to stage a protest against the city’s Police Department, which he feels botched an investigation into his claim that fellow Juror Justin Cox had tried to run him down with his vehicle after a Police Jury meeting in January 2013.

New Roads Police Chief Kevin McDonald said previously that neither the Police Department nor the District Attorney’s Office ever found any substantial evidence — from witness statements — supporting Young’s accusation.

The New Roads City Council denied Young’s request 4-1 through the authority of an ordinance that gives the council the right to deny a protest permit request if it threatens public “welfare, peace, safety, health, decency, good order, morals or convenience.”

“I’m enslaved by four councilmen and a mayor,” Young told jurors Tuesday night, “but I’m going to keep pushing this.”

The Police Jury quietly accepted Young’s resignation without any discussion.

Young’s resignation will require the Police Jury, within 20 days after he leaves office, to appoint someone else to finish his term, which expires in January 2016.