A 16-year-old Plaquemine High student was released to his parent’s custody Monday morning after his arrest Friday for bringing a loaded gun to school and threatening to use it on another student.

Maj. Ronnie Hebert, of the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office, said one of the department’s school resource officers found a .22-caliber semi-automatic pistol hidden in the teenager’s bookbag inside his locker at the school’s athletic field house about 2 p.m. Friday.

“We got called by one of the football players who told the coach he had a gun in his locker,” Hebert said Monday afternoon. “It had two rounds in it.”

Hebert said the teenager, who lives in Maringouin, had gotten into a fight with another student the previous day. Officials believe he brought the gun to school with the intention of harming the other kid.

“Some students told us he had been going around saying, ‘I’m going to give him that burn!’— meaning, he was going to shoot him,” Hebert said. “But he never pulled the gun out and no one was hurt.”

The 16-year-old was arrested Friday afternoon down the street from Plaquemine High after he ran from the campus once the gun was discovered, Hebert said.

The teen spent the weekend in the Assumption Parish Youth Detention Center before appearing before a judge Monday morning and was released on house arrest, Hebert said.

“We never got a chance to question him or anything because his mom lawyered up,” Hebert said.

He described the juvenile as a “troubled kid” who was allowed by Plaquemine High’s football coach to serve as an aide to the team after he was found ineligible to play on the team.

Superintendent Ed Cancienne praised the school’s administration, faculty and staff on their handling of the situation. He said that, per state law, the student has been expelled from attending any parish school for two years.