A billboard for the Tiger Truck Stop located along Interstate 10 between Port Allen and Grosse Tete features a close-up shot of Caspar the Camel with text encouraging drivers to "Stop in for gas and a bite." The ad plays off Caspar's headline-making encounter with a Florida woman in September when he sat on her, prompting her to bite the animal's testicles to escape. (Photo provided by Robin Silva via Facebook)

The Tiger Truck Stop in Iberville Parish is finding creative ways to draw customers.

They recently put up a billboard along Interstate 10 between Port Allen and Grosse Tete featuring a close-up shot of Caspar the camel, who in September sat on a Florida woman and prompted her to bite the animal's testicles to escape.

"Stop in for gas and a bite next exit," the sign reads, with the word "bite" enlarged. 

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The woman and her husband had entered the pen belonging to Caspar, one of several exotic animals that live at the truck stop, after their deaf dog wandered into its enclosure. The camel became startled from the intrusion and sat on the woman.

Authorities cited the couple for violating state leash laws and trespassing. The Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office declined to charge the truck stop, saying the couple had invaded the camel's space and it was defending itself while the couple swatted and tried to shoo it away.

It drew national fascination and was featured in the late-night talk and comedy shows. It also provided a boost in business for the truck stop, owner Michael Sandlin said a few weeks after the incident.

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Along with Caspar, the roadside menagerie also includes a baby kangaroo, goats and a coati, a member of the raccoon family that's native to Central America.

Animal rights groups have long criticized the truck stop and have pushed to remove the animals, including a tiger that lived there before it had to be euthanized in 2017.