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Ed Bridwell

Ed Bridwell won the Zachary Rotary Club's Citizen of the Year for his volunteerism, compassion and desire to help others in the community.

Each year the Zachary Rotary Club seeks nominations for a Zachary resident whose life is consistent with the philosophy of the club's motto, Service above Self.

The club committee charged with naming the winner called Bridwell "a man of pure integrity, whose true joy in life is giving to others."

"Never wanting to be recognized at the forefront, but always behind the scene, that’s Ed," according to a news release.

"The quality of being unselfish and doing for others without a need for recognition is a rare quality indeed," said the Rev. Jeff Bayhi in his nomination letter.

"His time is of no value to him; he gives it freely. He is a true citizen that has helped make Zachary what it is today," Brent Fuselier said in his recommendation.

Fuselier pointed to Bridwell's desire to stay out of the spotlight and steer clear of being photographed or publicly thanked for his good deeds, adding that Bridwell was indeed involved in the growth of Zachary.

"He has probably never chaired anything, he was never been named the man in charge, but it does not get done without men like him," Fuselier said. "He is one of the most unnoticed, not mentioned, true citizen’s that has helped make Zachary what it is today.

"Ed Bridwell is not the type of man that Zachary was built on, he is one of the workers that have actually built Zachary. He is a man of pure integrity, faith and values family," Fuselier wrote. "He is Zachary. He is also the most giving man I have ever witnessed. His time is of no value to him, he just gives it freely. I do not know what a coke can is worth, but I dare not throw one away. He collects them for the schools. His true joy in life is giving to others."