Zachary High special-education teachers Jamie Byrd and Lydia Wells organized and hosted the school’s first prom for special-needs students on April 11.

“It was great. Cheerleaders, baseball players and my special education students had a great prom during school hours so they could all be involved,” Byrd said.

Members of the ZHS baseball team and other extracurricular groups have developed friendships with the special-needs students over the year, and it’s because of those friendships, members of the baseball squad asked special-needs girls to the dance with flowers and cleverly written posters, the teachers said.

The special-needs male students in turn invited cheerleaders to the dance and gave them corsages.

“We all got fancy and had a good old time,” Byrd said.

To prepare for the prom, several senior girls visited the classroom during fifth hour to help teach social skills and some simple popular dance steps.

“I believe both groups have made some lifelong friendships,” Byrd said.

The prom theme was “Shining Stars,” and the group of students had fun dancing, posing in a photo booth and enjoying cake and punch.

Special-needs students Trinity Haynes, Chayla Magee, Ariana Minor and Madeline Moreau were named to the prom court and wore crowns and prom sashes.