Protect and serve will gain new meaning when Zachary's mayor and police chief take orders instead of giving them at this year's Celebrity Waiter dinner planned for Thursday, March 1, at the Pointe of Americana.

Mayor David Amrhein and his wife, Robyn, will work as a team competing to raise funds against Police Chief David McDavid and seven other table-teams of notable Zachary residents "waiting for a CURE" in the fight against cancer.

Each waiter or team will sell tickets for the event. A $50 ticket will purchase a sit-down dinner, beer and wine. A cash bar will be available.

Other tables competing against the mayor and police chief are the Jordan Charlet and Laura O'Brien Table, the Lauri Kitchen and Storm Lantip Table, the Collin Stagg and Bond's Table, the Jonathan Aldy and Joel Richardson Table, the Burk Heroman's Table, the Felicia Samuel and John Jackson's Table, and the Chris Soileau's Table.

Celebrity Waiter is one of several fundraising efforts benefiting the Baker-Zachary Relay for Life. Johnna Roose, a local organizer, said funds raised will benefit the American Cancer Society, and it is geared to patient services and research for all forms of cancer.

"It was started in 1985 by one person who said, 'Let's just see if I can run for 24 hours to raise money,'" Roose said. "It is symbolic of the fact that cancer never sleeps; somebody always has to be out there fighting."

The efforts are diverse fundraisers. The teams are connected to schools, organizations, families, churches and businesses.

"A lot of the fundraising happens before the big relay event," Roose said. "It's just to spread it out over a longer period and develops a culture of awareness for not just one day. You can do a little bit at a time."

The American Cancer Society meets a variety of needs. It offers patient services such as Hope Lodge, where patients and their families can stay during cancer treatments away from home. There is a Hope Lodge in New Orleans, and one is being built in Houston.

Other services include help with support groups, travel assistance and wig shops. Roose said they sponsor "Look Good, Feel Better" classes to help deal with the physical side effects of cancer treatment.

For information, visit Relay for Life at