To promote literacy among area youth, Baker Rotarians Shelley Joseph and Larry McCaleb presented books and a book cart to Baker Heights Elementary on Feb. 24 on behalf of the Baker Rotary Club.

The donation was in honor of a literacy project headed by 2014-15 Rotary District 6200 Governor Ezora Proctor and her husband, the Rev. James Proctor.

McCaleb, Baker Rotary president, said it took about a year to have the cart made, painted signature Rotary blue and a name plate inscribed.

“With the new Common Core standards, these books include a lot of titles that are recommended for our students, such as the Ramona and Frog and Toad series,” Baker Heights Principal LaKesha Reese Penn said.

Rotarian Ginger Vann is the liaison who secured the books, about $300 worth, for Baker Heights.

Joseph said the school has been informally adopted by the Baker service organization.

“Two of my own children went to school here, so it’s near and dear to my heart,” Joseph said.

Baker Rotarians also donated a series of health-themed books about four months ago, materials associated with a garden box project and honors the school’s teachers each year, Reese Penn said.

Baker Heights Elementary teaches prekindergarten through fifth-grade students, who will read the books during reading and English language arts units.