Cullen Wade Davezac, 27, a Zachary native, is pursuing his music dream with his new band, Cullen Wade and the Waters.

After splitting from the Broken Rubber Band and Nickels and Dimes, two Baton Rouge area bands he founded several years ago, he sold everything he owned, bought an RV and moved to Nashville.

“With the Waters, I’m starting over, which takes time, and with that comes a lot of emotions both good and bad,” Davezac said.

A 2006 Zachary High School graduate and son of Chris and Judy Davezac, two longtime city of Zachary employees, Cullen is the rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist for the group.

The Waters are Stephen Boudreaux, bassist, from Louisiana; Darren Darling, drummer, from Ohio; Dallas Blackwell, violinist, from Tennessee; and Curtis McDonald, lead guitarist, of South Carolina.

“All of these guys were lucky Craigslist finds except for Stephen, who was on the road with us for the the Nickels and Dimes project,” he said. “After that split, he stuck around and taught himself the bass guitar, and now, it’s awesome to have him on stage.”

Cullen Wade and The Waters just released a six-song EP recorded at Self Titled Studios in South Nashville run by friend David Larsen.

“Something I discovered about Nashville is that most recording is done in small home studios,” Davezac said. “Even Music Row looks like a subdivision of old homes.”

The recording process took a few months due to scheduling, budget and “all the other back and forths that come with recording.”

When asked about his musical influences, Davezac said, “I’ve never really been able to answer that question easily. I love all types of music. Some big influences would be John Prine, Devil Makes Three, Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, Ray Charles and many, many others.

“I even found myself at a Marilyn Manson concert recently and loved every second of it. Love it or hate it, you can’t look away and there’s something to be said about that.”

The EP contains tracks such as “Good Sense,” about the primal will to survive and keep moving, no matter how many times one might fail or how long and hard the road is.

“It’s a tune about hope and life, which inspire me, and I tend to write about life in the moment that I’m in,” Davezac said.

Other tracks include “Ole Louisianne,” an homage to Louisiana, and “Warm,” a love song.

“I always like to add a love song or two to the mix because I feel like most of the time, love is what we’re all chasing at the end of the day. The song ‘Warm’ would be an example of that,” Davezac said. “We decided to bring a few tunes from my past into the new group, so ‘Drink This Day Away’ and ‘Life’ were reworked and added to the EP.”

The EP is available through most online music sources, as well as

“My plan is to use the EP as an introduction of the new band to the public. We have an album’s worth of new material that we’re about to begin recording and release six to eight months after that. Hopefully, the EP will help gain us a little exposure and assist us with funding,” said Davezac, who said his band mates are excellent at their craft.

“I feel lucky to have them believe in what I’m doing, especially in a city like Nashville, where there are plenty of opportunities for so many talented people.”

As far as shows and touring, there are no plans to do either at the moment.

“I’ve learned the hard way that hitting the road blindly doesn’t do much besides kill the budget and, occasionally, relationships. I’m taking things slower with this band,” Davezac said.

By performing locally in Nashville as often as possible, Cullen Wade and the Waters hope to slowly increase their reach as a band.

“I’ve got a great team and want to make sure I look out for their best interests,” Davezac said. “I miss the road terribly, but one day, I’ll see her again. It’s just a matter of time.”