As a way to study and learn about the contributions of African-Americans in history, students presented a learning gallery in the front lobby of the Visual and Performing Arts Center at Zachary High School on Feb. 18.

The living black history museum featured third- and fourth-graders from Zachary Elementary and two fifth-graders from Copper Mill Elementary, who researched African-Americans using several resources, wrote a paragraph about the person they learned about and portrayed them in the history gallery.

Students provided their own costumes for the event, which was the precursor to the Zachary school district’s annual Black History Month celebration held the same night.

The lives of Josephine Baker, George Washington Carver, Rosa Parks and others were re-enacted.

Parents, grandparents, residents and teachers and faculty from several Zachary schools attended.

Teachers Ashley Ardeneaux, Jess Patti and Molly Talbot said the exercise was an exciting, educational way for students to learn about the roles some African-Americans had in our nation’s history.