What began as a small Bible study group in Zachary resident Emily Thompson’s home in 2014 became an official Community Bible Study prayer group last January.

Community Bible Study is a 40-year-old organization that got its start in Bethesda, Maryland. Headquartered at the Ministry Service Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the prayer group grew to include about 25 women, with Thompson leading the sessions as the teaching director, Emily Malden as the associate teaching director and Shirley Rake as the youth director.

No longer a prayer group, a new women’s Community Bible Study class will begin meeting Jan. 25 at Plains Presbyterian Church, 22929 Old Scenic Highway, in Zachary. Women of faith from all denominations are welcome to attend.

“We focus on the word of God; that’s what unites us,” member and coordinator Wendy Critch said. “Leaders have been praying for this ministry to start in our state for over 15 years, and ours will be the first Community Bible Study class in Louisiana.”

The group will meet from 9:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. every Monday, and studies will begin with the Book of James, followed by the Book of Job and last until May 2.

Registration fees are $35 per woman and preregistration is encouraged.

To register, email wendycritch@msn.com or call (225) 394-0188. Email Thompson at jackandthe3girls@gmail.com for information, or visit communitybiblestudy.org to learn more.