The Zachary Community School District had 11 students earn state wins recently in the 2016 Louisiana Reading Association’s annual Young Authors Contest, which promotes fiction, nonfiction and poetry writing in kindergarten through 12th grades.

Zachary’s student winners were:

Rollins Place Elementary

Reed Clouatre, second grade, second place, “Mr. Capeman and the Revenge”

Kelvin Iyun, first grade, second place, “Pumpkins Galore”

Louis Martin, first grade, third place, “Deer”

Zachary Elementary

Shelby Mansur, third grade, second place, “My Favorites!”

Copper Mill Elementary

Gabreyela Gonzalez, fifth grade, first place, “Katrina”

Mariah Alexander, sixth grade, third place, “Starting Positions”

Georgia Charlet, sixth grade, third place, “2016 Society’s Goals”

Northwestern Middle School

Jordyn De La Cruz, seventh grade, third place, “Finding a Friend”

Zachary High School

Grace Pulliam, ninth grade, first place, “Brink”

Ali Brunson, 10th grade, second place, “Be Still”

Brailyn King, ninth grade, second place “After.”