Several Zachary High Future Farmers of America members,volunteered June 15 to harvest vegetables from the community garden behind the Zachary Men’s Club and Food Pantry.

The six students — ranging from soon-to-be sophomores to seniors — were accompanied by agriscience teacher and FFA adviser, Melissa Brumbaugh.

The group was assisted by Men’s Club member Charles Duplechain in weeding and hoeing the garden, as well as harvesting bell peppers, squash, tomatoes and zucchini. The picked produce was donated directly to the food pantry.

Brumbaugh said some of the vegetables were grown from plants originating from the high school’s greenhouses.

She plans to return with the FFA students once a week so they can donate their time wherever it’s needed: maintaining the garden, volunteering at the food pantry or helping out at the Men’s Club.

Duplechain said the garden also contains cucumbers, field peas, okra, watermelon and a variety of beans.

“We don’t sell it; we give it away. All we ask is that whoever works in the garden also helps maintain it,” he said.