The events captivating America and the world are also touching the lives of children. In the last week, as marches and speeches are spreading the Black Lives Matter movement, young Journi Davis, a sixth grader at Copper Mill Elementary school in Zachary, drew a pencil drawing of a left hand that she titled "Broken and Bruised."

Journi, 10, participates in the Talented Visual Art program in the Zachary Community School district. Her mother and teachers recognized her artistic capabilities and recommended her for the program.

Her mother, Johnelle Davis, said “it was a very emotional piece” and when her daughter asked her opinion about the drawing Davis explained to her daughter that she saw “a hand that has worked hard and is tired.” The drawing became a starting point to discuss the current state of unrest and looking forward to the future.

Journi contemplates the future by saying, “People, I want you to know, all of this will stop, and I believe it will all come to an end peacefully, just know we will better, and we will be stronger for it.”