For dogs with a flea problem in Zachary and the surrounding area, The Animal Center has been selected to participate in a national clinical study to evaluate a new flea control medication, a news release said.

Participating households will receive free flea treatments, as well as free study-related exams, for all dogs in their household for up to three months.

“We feel good that our hospital was one of the few chosen across the country to participate in the latest research on flea control." Dr. Jason St. Romain said. "In addition to playing a small role in the future of veterinary medicine, we are also able to offer suffering pets and their owners the chance to treat their flea infestation.”

To participate, see if your dog has fleas: Look on your dog’s skin, like on the belly or along the rump. Move your hand against the direction of your dog’s coat. You may see fleas or dark specks, called 'flea dirt,' which is a sign of fleas.

If you think your dog has fleas and has yet to be treated, they may be eligible for the study, the release said. Open enrollment will be closing soon. Contact St. Romain at or (225) 654-2649. For full eligibility and clinical study details, pet owners can visit