Zachary firefighters rescued stranded motorists and residents after heavy rains flooded the area March 11.

About 6:15 a.m., Zachary fire and rescue crews were called to the 3700 block of Chamberlain Street for a swift water rescue when a vehicle became stranded while trying to access the street covered in floodwater.

Fire Chief Danny Kimble said Capt. Todd Phenald, Capt. Ben Zachary and firefighter Jeremy Wilks paddled a small boat to the vehicle that was taking on water.

Both passengers were rescued from the car, placed into the boat and taken to dry land without injury, he said.

Later the same day, about 12:20 p.m., rescue crews were called to Pony Street to assist with the lifting of a bedridden patient.

En route to the home, the Zachary crew encountered an Acadian Ambulance first-responder crew that had stopped prior to reaching the home because of rising floodwater.

Kimble said firefighters called for a utility vehicle to be transported to the scene so they could remove the woman.

Capt. Anthony Capone and firefighter Justin Bradley, along with an Acadian Ambulance employee, maneuvered the vehicle to the residence and rescued the patient.

Additional firefighters assisting in the rescues were Chief of Volunteer Operations Michael Kimble, Deputy Chief Chris Lawton, Capt. Rick Dudley and firefighters Chase Lord and Darius Patt.