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A pair of puppies greet passerby from inside their kennel, Thursday, June 17, 2021, at Companion Animal Alliance in Baton Rouge, La. The shelter is currently waiving adoption fees due to overcrowding in an effort to get cats and dogs adopted.

In a partnership with national animal welfare organization Best Friends Animal Society, Companion Animal Alliance is offering registered rescue partners $125 in compensation for each shelter pet pulled by the organizations through Friday, July 23.

The incentive program aims to support the lifesaving missions of rescues, Animal Services and shelters across the country while they navigate the challenges associated with the busy summer months, from limited financial resources to high intake and limited capacity.

“This year has been extremely difficult for CAA and animal shelters and rescues throughout the country,” Executive Director Jillian Sergio said. “For some organizations, the challenge may simply be capacity, but for others it could be financial or available resources. Through this partnership program funded by Best Friends, we hope to provide some support to our registered rescue partners, so we can all continue to move forward in our lifesaving missions.”

To qualify for the incentive, animal rescues must be registered with Companion Animal Alliance and must rescue a shelter pet over 25 pounds that is being held at CAA. Rescues should email for information or to participate.