Eli Jackson, fourth from right, stands with members of his family including wife Rosa Jackson, daughter Pamela Coco, son-in-law Keith Coco, sister-in-law Joyce Maxwell, niece Vanessa Maxwell, daughter Lisa Mims, sister Leola Whitner, niece Ursula Gold and sister–in-law Dean Surges. They are at a a luncheon in Eli Jackson’s honor for receiving the Charles E. Dunbar Jr. Career Service Award from the Louisiana Civil Service League for his 53 years of service at LSU.

The Louisiana Civil Service League list of honorees for the Charles E. Dunbar Jr. Career Service Award includes Eli Jackson, a 53-year veteran of the LSU Department of Residential Life.

The Career Service Award is presented to employees in a classified merit system who have distinguished themselves by service over and above the call of duty, according to a news release.

Jackson, a resident of Baker, started working as a custodian at LSU in 1964 and continues in Residential Life as a master locksmith. He's witnessed the construction of Miller Hall and Herget Hall in his tenure at LSU, and his commitment to service remains consistent throughout the half-century of work.

"Every day Mr. Eli strives to serve the students, parents, and guests of LSU with impeccable attention to detail, steadfast work ethic, and a dependability that is rare. During the historic flooding in August 2016, Mr. Eli was one of six housing employees able to make it to campus to secure buildings for the 5,000 residents," said Celena Trahan, LSU Residential Life associate director of housing operations.

Jackson said, "It's all about helping people. It's been a joy for me all these years. I just feel great to come and help people do things."

Director of Housing Karen Rocket said, "Eli helps train newer employees on technical aspects of their jobs, but more importantly he is a role model for them. They see his strong work ethic, servant leadership, and concern for our residents, and they want to be like him. His interactions have long-term impact on his civil-service colleagues and help everyone at the university see the valuable role they play."

The 12 honorees for 2017 attended a luncheon in their honor in New Orleans, where Daniel Sullivan, executive vice president of the Civil Service League, presented the awards.