Seventeen Northwestern Middle School students earned honor awards for accomplishments during the first semester of school.

The students were given Gold Plus cards in January for achieving all As, perfect attendance and no behavioral referrals, according to school officials.

The seventh- and eighth-graders were honored at a recent Gold Card reception and rewarded with: one free dress day; the privilege of moving to the front of the lunch line for nine weeks; lunch with a favorite teacher; a teacher’s pet certificate — earning one hour with another teacher; two free dress out days during physical education; two homework extension days; and a McDonald’s breakfast.

Gold Plus seventh-graders are Alexandra Barton, Ava Baudoin, Acacia Coker, Maria Going, Jason Haney, Lennon Nguyen, Noah Weston and Ronald Williams.

Gold Plus eighth-graders are Elyse Duplantier, Ian Granger, Marshall Lawton, Jimmy Mouton, Luke Nguyen, Tommy Tran, Paige Veal, Eden Wyandon and Hailey Zweigle.