In 2020, the Zachary sixth grade Girl Scout Troop 10346 reached out to the Zachary Food Pantry to see what they could do to help.

Food Pantry Director Eelin Golan suggested the girls bring the pantry some doubled grocery bags for their distributions. So began the double-bagging project.

After the project, the troop visited and toured the pantry.

Recognizing how important the volunteers were to the food pantry, the girls decided they wanted to do something for them. They decided to make the volunteers thank-you cards, but due to COVID 19, the cards sat all summer waiting to be delivered.

As the holidays drew near, the troop felt it was time to thank the volunteers. The girls decided to use the troop's cookie profits and buy snacks for the food pantry volunteers to go along with the cards. They arranged to meet at the Zachary Food Pantry on Dec. 29 to express their gratitude to the volunteers who help make the pantry such a success.

The night before, the girls met at a local store to select and purchase snacks for the volunteers and to purchase food for the pantry clients.