Zachary’s history was on parade and on sale Sunday and a diverse crowd of Zachary natives, tourists-history buffs, and what seemed like a goth vampire rock band were on hand to bid farewell or bid to take a piece of history home.

Dwayne Annison started his Sunday morning surrounded by strangers in a most-familiar place. Annison’s family donated the Annison House to the city several years ago in hopes that it could become a museum or historic bookmark of a time gone by. He moved through the home with auction-goers as a crew from Denham Springs-based Southern Heirs Auctioneers detailed the rare items before engaging the audience in a fast-paced bidding process.

The process and history involved was a teachable moment for Levon Hyde, of Central. Hyde and her grandson, Benjamin Sinclair, moved through the house and grounds and purchased some history while spending some time in awe of the grounds and landscape. Hyde was particularly taken with a large sprawling tree. She was admiring it when Annison gave its background and said it had been planted by one of his uncles.

Many of the Annison House auctiongoers caravanned to the Zachary Train Depot where historic items where placed on the raised deck before a crowd in lawn chairs and families on blankets. Zachary native Hayley Wayne had a special interest in train depot and historic artifacts found at the first two Sunday auction sites.

Adamae Odette was decked out in period garb and seemed more of a museum docent than a potential buyer. His traveling companions ranged from goth girls to someone dressed as a stylish vampire complete with a fanged mask that cried out “I might not be from here.”

Odette won a bid on some vintage instruments and explained that he and his companions were working on a music video for the new wave, post-punk band Trashlight and were excited about their auction finds and the charming little towns in the area. El Fields said they drove in from New Orleans after coming across promotional listings for the historic auctions.

Zachary plans to sell off its historic properties and eventually revitalize its downtown into a destination for entertainment and commerce. City officials hope to preserve the historic properties by selling them to commercial investors who the city hopes will spark mixed-use developments in the center of town.

Sunday concluded a weekend-long auction of contents found inside historic buildings owned by the city.